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Friday, September 25, 2009

The 2009 NATMA 2G National Conference and Annual Chapter Meeting / CME Program

NATMA-Southern California Chapter and NATMA 2G are hosting a National Conference at the beautiful Pacific Palms Hotels and Conference Center near Los Angeles. Check out the conference program and registration materials!

In addition to a CME Program centered around Infectious Diseases topics, we've got a great 2nd generation keynote speaker, Dr. Chi-Cheng Huang, author of "When Invisible Children Sing." Plus, we'll be recognizing five recently selected 2009 Scholarship Honorees during a grand banquet and evening of performances!

Don't miss out! Make your travel plans today! Register by September 15, 2009!

Click here to download the Program & Registration Form.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

NATMA Foundation 2009 Scholarship

NATMA Foundation is offering five (5) $ 1,000 scholarship grants to recognize medical/dental/allied health students, residents or fellow-in-training of Taiwanese American descent.


Medical, dental or allied health students, residents or fellows of Taiwanese American descent who are in good standing and under training at an accredited U.S. institution or program.

Application process

Complete and submit the following items:

1. Application Form with Photo Attached. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
2. Personal Statement ( one page, single spaced )
3. College or Graduate School Transcript
4. Two (2) Letters of Reference

Please mail the application package to NATMA Foundation Chairman, Dr. Daniel C. Hsu at 7923 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92841. You may e-mail the application and required documents to Dr. Daniel C. Hsu at All documents must be received by August 5, 2009.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Daniel C. Hsu or Dr. Julin F. Tang at


Daniel C. Hsu, D.M.D.
Chairman, NATMA Foundation

Julin F. Tang, M.D.
Director, NATMA Scholarship

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

NATMA Foundation 2009 Report



NATMA Foundation成立於1995年,是tax code 501(C)3 Charitable的組織,捐款可全額抵稅。目前有六個工作要項,分別為1. Dr. C.Y. Lee Young Physician Lectureship 李鎮源青年醫師講座。2. I-Yang Lin M.D. Memorial Lectureship林一洋紀念講座。3. International Medical Mission義診。4. Taiwan for WHO fund台灣加入世衛基金。5. Medical Services in Taiwan。6. Hawaii 肝炎治療基金。


今年2008已頒發首屆「台美學生獎學金」,給美國國內醫學院,牙醫學院及醫藥專業學院的學生,希望他們在學生時代就認識NATMA,期待畢業後能繼續參與NATMA的活動。經委員會審查,一共有五位得獎者,名單為Rita Chuang,Alex Lin,Peter Chai,Stanley Liu,及Jennifer Pan,每位給予$1,300。

捐畫者: 周烒明, 陳惠亭, 葉思雅, 葛原隆, Katherine Chiu (邱俊杰女兒)
$4,500- Dr. Victor Lin 林福田, $4,000- Dr. Hsien Jer Hsu 徐先哲,
$3,000- Dr. Hiro Huang 黃都博, $2,100- Mrs. Juliet Chen 鄭素真,
$2,000- Mr. Michael Lin 林國爵, $1,800- Dr. Henry Che n陳行五,
$1,600- Dr. Yin H. Lai 賴寅雄, $1,500- Dr. Daniel C. Hsu 許正雄,
$1,000- Dr. Virginia Hsia 蕭幸鳴, Dr. Jimmy Shern沈裕明,
$600- Rider Cheng 鄭勝一,
$500- Dr. Chao-Hsiung Hsu 許昭雄, Dr. Chao-Shuo Huang & Dr. Hsin Chang 黃昭碩,張鑫, Dr. Kenny Cherng 程冠穎, Minnie Chiu 林翠雲, Dr. Deng Fa Fong 方登發, Dr. Che-Yang Huang 黃哲陽, Dr. Vincent Yu 余文山, Sunu T. Lee, 台灣高美植物園,
$200- Y.S.Lee 李意盛,
$400- Dr. David Chang 張峰豪, Dr. Joan Huang 蔡潤瓊,
$300- Dr. Chun Chieh Chiu邱俊杰,
$250- David Huang 黃志超, Dr. HoChie Tsai, Dr. Chien-Ko Wu & Dr. Meei Ling Wu 吳建科/董美,齡, Michell Chang 張美治,
$100- Shu-Ling Hou 侯淑玲, Dr. John Hsu 許志明, Dr. Mao H. Hung 洪茂雄,

I-YANG LIN. M.D. MEMORIAL LECTURESHIP 2007-2008: Total $10,350
$ 3,000- Mr. Miao Edward Wang,
$ 1,000- Dr. Fang-Ming Lin 林芳敏, Dr. Pofu Hsieh 謝博夫, Dr. Michael Chen 陳燦世, Goode Realty Co. 黃再添夫婦, Dr. Jen Wang 王政卿, Dr. Jung Tsai 蔡榮聰
$ 500- Dr. Ching Fu Lin 林景福, Dr. Ju Cheng Lere 李汝城,
$ 200- Dr. Daniel Hsu 許正雄 $ 150- Chin Shang & Huei Lin 林景山夫婦

歡迎共襄盛舉,請填以下表格,連同支票抬頭“ NATMA Foundation”, 寄到NATMA Foundation,Dr. Daniel Hsu at 7923 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92841,謝謝您的支持。

1. International Medical Mission
... 囗$100,囗$200,囗$500,Other $___________
2. Medical, Dental, Allied Health Students Scholarship
... 囗$100,囗$200,Other $___________
3. Other projects________________________
... 囗$100,囗$200,$___________

Name: English____________________________
Name: Taiwanese__________________________
Address: ________________________________

NATMA Foundation , Chairman 許正雄 敬上

Saturday, January 31, 2009

NATMA Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

NATMA's 2009 Mission and Service Trip to the Dominican Republic is planned from March 5 - 13. Information and the Application are available for download. The deadline to join this trip is January 31st, 2009. Questions can be directed to: Chun-Chieh Chiu at

Click here to download!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 Overseas Young Health Professionals Program

The overseas Taiwan tour for young medical and health professionals is planned for March 29 - April 4, 2009. This is an excellent opportunity for 2nd generation NATMA 2G members to join others from the US and Taiwan for a productive professional and cultural exchange. Plus, as many who have been on the trip before will tell you, it's a lot of fun and worthwhile.

Costs are subsidized. Please read the information, application, and criteria carefully. The deadline to apply for this trip is January 27, 2009.

Click here to download!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letter from the President

Dear NATMA Members and Colleagues,

In 2008, we have witnessed great turmoil and uncertainty in Taiwan’s political landscape, Wall Street’s ongoing meltdown, and a domestic and international economic crisis and recession of historic proportions. In spite of all this, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and generosity of the members and donors of NATMA, we can be proud to reflect on the many achieved goals and accomplishments of NATMA during this past year.

Over 400 people, including 50 second generation Taiwanese-Americans and 6 previous NATMA Presidents, attended our Annual Dinner. Along with this, 10 CME credits were offered. I would like to personally thank all the organizers and participants of this event for an outstanding job well done!!

One of my goals for NATMA is to continue to recruit more retired doctors, along with a new class of Medical students and residents to our growing family and community. In order to attract and accommodate the ongoing growth of NATMA and 2G,We need to consolidate our headquater, so we have created a new Executive Director position. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Han Chiang 江漢塗 has stepped up to the challenge and accepted the Executive Director position. Dr. Chiang has tremendous passion and heart for NATMA, and will bring with him a wide array of technical skills and experience to the organization. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Chiang on his new position!!

I have several announcements and action items for you to mark on your calendars. We will be having International Medical Missions and tours to the Dominican Republic from March 5-13, 2009. The First Lady will be the host for the mission. Along with the rewarding sense of accomplishment that comes with helping out the world community, there will be a great number of amenities for us to enjoy in the Dominican Republic including beautiful golf courses, gorgeous beaches, and scenic, breathtaking views, all of which make for a good and memorable family outing. There is a maximum person limit of 50 attendees, so be sure to sign up quickly to reserve your spot. On November 7, 2009, another medical mission will take place, this time in a remote, central mountain and southern Taiwan beach. This meeting will again offer CME credits, so be sure to also sign up for this mission as soon as possible.

NATMA was established 24 years ago with a clear focus on participating in fund raising activities , servicing the Taiwanese medical community and enriching the thread with our homeland and country of Taiwan (not China). I am confident that the goals and visions we share for NATMA in this upcoming year are realistic and within our grasp. In the words of United States President Barack Obama, “Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.” Only with your continued support, can NATMA build towards a better tomorrow.

Dr. Jung T Tsai
President, NATMA


新年才過,舊曆年接踵而至,令人應接不暇。元月是紀念羅馬 兩面門神JANUS的拉丁語,一面回顧既往,一面盼望未來。弟在此向各位報告過去一年來協會的行程和今年的展望。如有建言,請不稟示教。

歷史會記下2008年是陰暗,傷心,無助,失望,不甘的年代。年初國民党政權復辟,九流政府治國無能,一昧傾中,喪權辱國,真是”宰相有權能割地,孤民(臣)無力可回天”。年末的金融危機,股市崩盤和全球不景氣的背景下,醫師總會却一路走來,始終如一。三月初的海地國的戰地義診,成果非凡,國際注目。再次感謝 王政卿,林芳敏,江漢塗,李惠仁,蔡寅三,許左龍,黄崇福夫婦,Ferdinand夫婦的勇氣和愛心,果然不入虎穴,焉得虎子”。對WHO的無力感,義診將成為我們同心同力的主軸。醫牙師群受社會敬仰,愛護有加,這是起碼良知的回報,希望會員踴躍投入這行列車。您將體會”施比受有福”的真諦。

三月底,受邀参加紐約華人對臺灣選後對華人世界的看法, 和五月初,在新州参議員Lautenberg的新州族群方桌討論會,提出臺灣人和臺灣人醫師的立場,遠見,為協會發聲。

九月五日三天年會,在新州紐瓦克機場Marriott hotel舉行,全程由NATMA 2G第二代主講,,學術題目引人,內容豐富,且牙醫護及藥品研發並顧,看到年青人在醫藥界的崛出表現”青出於藍,而勝於藍”我們竟然有無盡的成就感。参與會員也頒十小時的CME,感謝翁仁田,陳燦世的貢獻。晚會請來民進黨主席 蔡英文女士主講’台灣的前途”並接受李汝城盼發”林一洋演講獎”中外來賓約四百人,寧聽這位臺灣明曰之星的想法和看法.並為她募款一萬元,感謝慷慨解囊的會員.許正雄也頒獎五位年青學術獎金,每位一千元。當晚傾盆大雨,第二天却風和日麗,讓参與鄭國竇Manhattan遊艇的九十位會員家屬,滿載而歸。最後更要感謝創會會長周烒明夫婦,及楊次雄夫婦,鄭天助夫婦,王政卿夫婦,林榮松,林益顯,許正雄等七位前總會長的参加。他們年復一年的参與,給薪火的傳遞平添助力。

成立一年的NY2G在Jerry Tsong領軍下,聚會繁,我参加一次讀書會,寫了一篇好酒和好書”在中文報紙發表,寄上給大家参考,感激臺灣人醫師對子孫的良好家教。


十一月初,會安排臺灣義診十天到十四天,上山下海,到海角七號的恆春尋舊義診美食,在高雄與長庚王清貞学術討論,北上新高山,臺中醫学大学研討會,年會與臺灣合辦CME,或再 義診。兼為臺灣年底鄉鎮市長選舉助力,正確行程正在研議中。

語曰”下醫醫病,中醫醫人,上醫醫國”當家園正遭遇大病變的緊急時刻,讓我們團聚在NATMA的大旗下,不但治病,治人,也診治我們的家國 臺灣。

敬祝 身體健康,新年快樂! 總會會長 蔡榮聰 敬上

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Letter from the President

Dear Members

As the year comes close to the end. I would like to take this occasion to thank you for your support for the wonderful year NATMA have accomplished.

The nomination committed had recommended Dr. Norman Chu as President of 2010 -2011. See attachment.

As by law states the President shall communicate the report of the Nominating Committee to the members at least forty-five days before election. Additional nominations may be made by signed petition of the least fifteen active members in good standing which should be submitted to the Secretary (or Headquarter) no later than forty-five days before election.” I am therefore informing you and ask you to submit the other candidates of your preference by petition within two weeks.

Thank you for the anticipated cooperation.

With Warmest Regards!

Jung T Tsai , MD President NATMA